Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Starting to lose faith...

I put a post on craigslist.com under the community-politics section asking why liberals call themselves "tolerant" when they cannot tolerate my McCain bumper sticker. The response was disheartening. I was called many expletive names, "retarded" "moron" and one person told me to get a life because there are nationwide financial issues that are bigger than my over-sensitive issue of a bumper sticker.

One person even told me I deserve to be flipped off/have my car defaced because of the sticker.

Actual post: "Eight years is tolerance enough. We don't need another four. Remove you sticker unless you want to be ridiculed. Have you no shame for electing George W. Bush, the worst president in american history? this is no time for Republican pride, you should get with it so you're not left behind with the fools."

Actual post: "he's a huge mistake, and almost everyone knows this, peel your sticker off, then nobody will know how stupid you are, it's that simple.Moron"

Another actual post: "You must be retarded, Right, it's people like you, who keep voting for these crazy bastards, and you wonder why people flip you off? God your Stupid, have you ever sen the News, it's always bad, and it's your fucking Republicans that are ruining this Country, smoke some crack, and crawl back up Bushe's ass."

Perhaps the most disturbing one is "I suggest you drop your conservative 'beliefs' and start looking at life a little more liberally." Do you realize what this means? This is parallel to Nazi beliefs. I am in no comparing the Jewish victims of the Holocaust to Republicans oppressed by Democrats but there is a similar mindset of the Democrats and Nazis. The Nazis believed that the financial success of the Jews are why the poor were suffering. They believed that the Jews "deserved" what they got. They hated the Jewish beliefs and ultimately killed them for it.

Sigh. These radical liberals are nothing short of sociopaths. They are basically saying, "believe what I believe or die" I'm getting a little down with the whole political stuff. Maybe it's a losing battle...

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