Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gianna Jessen

It's a child, not a choice. Prior to hearing about Gianna Jessen, I didn't have much of an opinion about abortion. I knew it was wrong but I've known many people who have had a abortions and I don't judge them. But then I learned about late-term abortion and Gianna's story. Gianna's mother attempted to have an abortion which resulted in Gianna's birth. If the abortion doctor had been in the room at the time, he would have killed her.

Watch the first video. It's kind of long but watch at least the first few minutes to hear her story.

Then she went on Hannity and Colmes to speak out against Obama who has voted (four times) to kill babies born from botched abortions. This is also a bit long but very much worth it as it tells a bit of Obama's perspective on abortion. Apparently the subject is not always "above his paygrade." Listen at about 3.5 minutes in where Colmes says, "Obama does not support infanticide'' and Gianna says, "If he voted against providing care for children who survived abortions, then what would you call it?" Zing!

People in then Seattle area have a lot of "pro-choice" bumper stickers saying it's their body, their right. But it is so sleazy to be such a whore to get knocked up by men you aren't married to or at least planning ton spending your life with or even planning on raising the child with. But it's even more sleazy to use abortion as a birth control. Abortion isn't the only choice-- what about adoption? No, we should not outlaw abortion completely but we should make it rare. One way to make it unnecessary is to stop sleeping around. Liberals live by the "if it feels good do it" rule which results in unwanted pregnancy and in turn, abortion.

Support the Born alive Infants Protection Act.

I'll close with this next quote about Gianna:

"Jessen is conscious that examples speak louder than words. She often talks to young people about the value of chastity, modesty and honor. She wants to remind people that all of their choices have consequences."

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