Saturday, June 28, 2008

More Irony

Todays definition of irony is:

A Christian who supports the anti-Christ for president.

Last week in Seattle, (the best irony and freak stories come out of Seattle) I saw yet another Obama bumper sticker. Ironically, just above this sticker there was one of those fish symbols that represent Jesus.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Holy Shift!

Yes it's been while since I've posted. Life kinda gets in the way I guess. I am trying to work more to pick up some extra money for my trip coming up. Also, I need more guns...

Today's topic is the chameleon Obama. Apparently it's wrong to say that he has changed his mind on foreign policy, NAFTA, energy, gun control, etc. It is wrong to say that he pulls the old Kerry flip-flop. He doesn't pander. Oh no. The messiah wouldn't do such things. He is merely shifting his position as politicians do. Oh gee, I guess that's okay right? He can all but walk on water so he can do nothing wrong.

Also, interesting thing happened today. Have you ever noticed that when liberals run out of factual ammunition in an argument they often resort to name calling? My dad and I did some father-daughter bonding and went up to the Monroe gun show today. On our way back we talked about possible reason why people hate Bush. No really-- think about it. He reacted to the terror attacks in such a way that for the first time in history, congress agreed on war in such a staggering number of something like 73-27. They never agree that much. Since then, there have been no more attacks and even some possible ones have been stopped (remember the guy with the bombs in his shoes?). Bush has not committed genocide in our blessed country nor in the country of which we are at war with. He has not wasted tax payer money on frivolous things like socialize medicine. He is protecting our country, not trying to be our parents or babysitters. Not so spotlighted moments are his poor speaking skills and the fact that he did not give enough thought to the war strategy and did not order those Kalifornia judges to be put on trial. He probably shouldn't have started the NCLB act and should have spoken with more confidence (think Ron Reagan). And for the record-- Bush didn't lie. He has sources just as the 73 people in congress had sources, all of which confirmed in one way or another that the band of ragheads did indeed commit the horrible act of killing 3000 Americans--on American soil.

Back to my point about liberal name callers. In Renton, we saw a truck that had huge "Bush Lied" bumper stickers. The rear windshield sported a Calvin pissing on "Bush" on one side and pissing on "Dick" on the other side. The man's truck window was only a little so I shouted to him, "We love Bush!" his response? Name calling. All he said was, "You're stupid".

Wow, what a winner. What a compelling argument. I think I'll change my mind!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

The beauty of choices

The beauty of choices is that if you pledge allegiance to the flag but do not believe in God, then you may choose not to say the "under God" part. But no. Socialism would rather cater to Muslims, the minority. Christianity is out apparently. They would rather offend the Christians, the majority, so the Muslims feel good.

School drops pledge of allegiance during ceremony
"The Pledge contains the words, 'under God' and we have many Muslim families here. So out of respect for the diversity of religious faiths practiced by our school community (parents and families) we decided that this year the students would memorize and sing the Preamble to the Constitution. At the rehearsal on Friday they did it from memory and to a wonderful song. It was very joyful and unique. I think you, and other parents, will really appreciate the creative and new way to open the program."

But it's Oregon so what can you expect? The whole west coast has gone "left coast". The anti-Christian agenda offends me, why are they not catering to me? Thank God I didn't have to go through this crap in school. I just barely missed it. Or rather, I didn't.

Irony is funny

Todays definition of irony is...

Guns campaigner stabbed to death

I bet if she had a gun, she would have been able to fight off her stabber.

Gotta love the UK...

Come one, Come all

Please tell Mayor Nickels how you really feel. He is the worst mayor and doesn't deserve to be in power. Go to his website and tell him his gun bans and warming propaganda are childish and alarmist. Tell him what a band wagon jumper he is. Tell him what a useless human being he is. Tell him he is worse than Jimmy Carter. Tell him he is following in the footprints of Marxism and Obamunism. Tell him he should not do things to be popular but he should do the right thing. Tell him to use his head for more than a hat rack. (or a gray toupee rack) Tell him that his green agenda is what takes much needed cops from King County. Tell him.

He deserves to know the truth.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Worst Mayor Ever (part 2)

Here is the latest from Mayor Nickels. (more like Mayor West if you ask me)

Seattle Mayor Bans Guns on City Property

June 9, 2008

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels has signed an executive order that asks all departments to come up with a plan within 30 days to ban guns at all property owned by the city.

The mayor's office says a public hearing will be held to gather comment on Monday's order but it does not require city council approval.

Nickels says the added gun restriction is needed because of a shooting at last month's Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center that wounded two people.

Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske says the mayor's order will help protect people at civic events.

Disgusting waste of power. Impeach that man. He is violating our 2nd Amendment right. What do people have against guns anyway? Here's an article from The Seattle Times:

Seattle gun ban ordered drawn up by Mayor Greg Nickels

June 10, 2008

After a shooting at the Northwest Folklife festival injured three people, Mayor Greg Nickels will prohibit guns at Seattle Center, parks, community centers and city-run buildings.

The city does not have the authority to arrest or fine people for bringing a gun onto city property. Only the state can enact laws governing firearms, and the mayor acknowledged the city could face a legal challenge.

The city can, however, charge violators with trespassing.

The article goes on but this part bothers me. Why would you persecute people who legally and responsibly carry a gun? Yes, the 20-something year old who shot up the festival should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In fact, rather than make ridiculous laws to punish the innocent, make clear and simple rules for criminals using a gun irresponsibly. Seriously-- trespassing?? That's the answer?

What if people started using forks as weapons? Will he ban forks at festivals, parks, and city hall? Oh I'm sorry, is that too extreme? WELL SO IS BANNING GUNS!!!!

Mayor Nickels, you are an embarrassment to Washington state. You disgusting liberal fool.

Here's what I think: I think he is building a resume' and making a name for himself so he can run for governor next term.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

This is the best they could do?

King County has a terrible habit of wasting money. How many social programs (that don't work) do we need? Why do we keep financially supporting Mayor Nickels' socialist "green" agenda? Of all the parts draining the county, THIS is the one they cut: King County faces unprecedented cuts in 2009.

King County's budget chief has said higher costs and a reduced ability to collect taxes could translate into a $60 million budget shortfall next year.

And cutting cops out of the county was the best they could do?

"We might not investigate hit and runs, we might not investigate drug crimes, we might not investigate vice crimes, we might not investigate stolen car reports," said Urquhart. law and order?

"That means that there are going to be some thefts, some of the drug cases, for instance, that might not get the kind of attention that we've been able to give them in the past," said Dan Satterberg, King County Prosecutor.

That translates into "unincorporated King County (those without their own city cops) are screwed." I live in unincorporated King County so I will not recieve help unless I've been raped or beaten to a pulp. Great. Good thing I have my own number to dial-- not 911 but 9mm.

Worst Mayor Ever

Mayor Nickels. Biggest bandwagon jumper in the world. First, he decided that taxi's must drive hybrid cars because of global warming. Then plastic bags must be banned because of global warming. And plastic bottles must be banned because of global warming. People must ride bikes instead of drive cars because of global warming. Buildings in Seattle must be taxed by square footage because of global warming. Parking must cost more in Seattle because of global warming. Bonfires at Alki beach must be banned because of global warming.

I can handle idiot alarmists blathering on about global warming. Well, actually I can't but compared to Mayor Nickels next idea, I really can. One deranged idiot shot off a couple rounds in a fit of rage at Seattle's Folklife Festival. As a result, Mayor Nickels has a knee-jerk reaction to "solve" the problem: Stronger gun laws.

Does this look like a man who rides HIS bike to work?

"Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels will announce tough new gun laws Monday that will include a ban on guns at outdoor festivals.

On May 25 two people were wounded by stray gunfire at the Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center and a third person suffered powder burns.

A 22-year old Snohomish man has been charged with second-degree assault. Prosecutors say he has a history of drug addiction and mental illness but had a permit to carry a concealed weapon - something in violation of federal and state law.

Mayor Greg Nickels criticized the state legislature, saying it won't let the city adopt a gun law stronger than state law, and won't pass a law making it illegal for someone who has been committed to a state mental institutionto get a gun permit.

Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske is scheduled to join the mayor Monday for announcement of new gun regulations."

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Good News!

I bought an AR-15 today! It's pretty sweet. Bushmaster 16.5 in barrel, collapsible stock, flat top rail, detachable H-bar. Got a screaming deal on it at Ben's Loans in Renton. I love that place.

First we went to Discount Guns in Kent. It was funny because one of the workers was telling us how a man came in the other day to look at assault rifles and said, "Got to get them while we can." The worker look at the man like he was an idiot and told him that if he didn't vote for commies like Obama then we wouldn't have this problem. The idiot man was wearing an Obama pin. "Uh...well I like his economic policies...uh..."

Stupid man. Funny story.

I love my new rifle!

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Definition of Irony is...

Getting in a car accident while picking up your kid from drivers ed. class.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


'nuf said...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Be afraid. Be very afraid. The stupid people have taken charge. Mental patients have escaped and taken over. This is the Zombie War everyone has been anticipating. The Dem-Zombies have overrun our nation. Now is the time to grab your guns and fight.

These zombies, the Obamunists are dead inside as they fully rely on Obama to give them hope. They walk around with their eyes glazed over, arms out front repeating the name of their zombie leader. The Obamrads are eating the flesh and blood of our nation, our morals and values that is. They see a conservative and feel compelled to approach them to eat their hearts and pass on the virus of the undead.

And if you know Zombie movies like I do, then you know what to do to rid of them...