Sunday, June 8, 2008

This is the best they could do?

King County has a terrible habit of wasting money. How many social programs (that don't work) do we need? Why do we keep financially supporting Mayor Nickels' socialist "green" agenda? Of all the parts draining the county, THIS is the one they cut: King County faces unprecedented cuts in 2009.

King County's budget chief has said higher costs and a reduced ability to collect taxes could translate into a $60 million budget shortfall next year.

And cutting cops out of the county was the best they could do?

"We might not investigate hit and runs, we might not investigate drug crimes, we might not investigate vice crimes, we might not investigate stolen car reports," said Urquhart. law and order?

"That means that there are going to be some thefts, some of the drug cases, for instance, that might not get the kind of attention that we've been able to give them in the past," said Dan Satterberg, King County Prosecutor.

That translates into "unincorporated King County (those without their own city cops) are screwed." I live in unincorporated King County so I will not recieve help unless I've been raped or beaten to a pulp. Great. Good thing I have my own number to dial-- not 911 but 9mm.

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