Saturday, June 21, 2008

Holy Shift!

Yes it's been while since I've posted. Life kinda gets in the way I guess. I am trying to work more to pick up some extra money for my trip coming up. Also, I need more guns...

Today's topic is the chameleon Obama. Apparently it's wrong to say that he has changed his mind on foreign policy, NAFTA, energy, gun control, etc. It is wrong to say that he pulls the old Kerry flip-flop. He doesn't pander. Oh no. The messiah wouldn't do such things. He is merely shifting his position as politicians do. Oh gee, I guess that's okay right? He can all but walk on water so he can do nothing wrong.

Also, interesting thing happened today. Have you ever noticed that when liberals run out of factual ammunition in an argument they often resort to name calling? My dad and I did some father-daughter bonding and went up to the Monroe gun show today. On our way back we talked about possible reason why people hate Bush. No really-- think about it. He reacted to the terror attacks in such a way that for the first time in history, congress agreed on war in such a staggering number of something like 73-27. They never agree that much. Since then, there have been no more attacks and even some possible ones have been stopped (remember the guy with the bombs in his shoes?). Bush has not committed genocide in our blessed country nor in the country of which we are at war with. He has not wasted tax payer money on frivolous things like socialize medicine. He is protecting our country, not trying to be our parents or babysitters. Not so spotlighted moments are his poor speaking skills and the fact that he did not give enough thought to the war strategy and did not order those Kalifornia judges to be put on trial. He probably shouldn't have started the NCLB act and should have spoken with more confidence (think Ron Reagan). And for the record-- Bush didn't lie. He has sources just as the 73 people in congress had sources, all of which confirmed in one way or another that the band of ragheads did indeed commit the horrible act of killing 3000 Americans--on American soil.

Back to my point about liberal name callers. In Renton, we saw a truck that had huge "Bush Lied" bumper stickers. The rear windshield sported a Calvin pissing on "Bush" on one side and pissing on "Dick" on the other side. The man's truck window was only a little so I shouted to him, "We love Bush!" his response? Name calling. All he said was, "You're stupid".

Wow, what a winner. What a compelling argument. I think I'll change my mind!


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