Sunday, June 8, 2008

Worst Mayor Ever

Mayor Nickels. Biggest bandwagon jumper in the world. First, he decided that taxi's must drive hybrid cars because of global warming. Then plastic bags must be banned because of global warming. And plastic bottles must be banned because of global warming. People must ride bikes instead of drive cars because of global warming. Buildings in Seattle must be taxed by square footage because of global warming. Parking must cost more in Seattle because of global warming. Bonfires at Alki beach must be banned because of global warming.

I can handle idiot alarmists blathering on about global warming. Well, actually I can't but compared to Mayor Nickels next idea, I really can. One deranged idiot shot off a couple rounds in a fit of rage at Seattle's Folklife Festival. As a result, Mayor Nickels has a knee-jerk reaction to "solve" the problem: Stronger gun laws.

Does this look like a man who rides HIS bike to work?

"Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels will announce tough new gun laws Monday that will include a ban on guns at outdoor festivals.

On May 25 two people were wounded by stray gunfire at the Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center and a third person suffered powder burns.

A 22-year old Snohomish man has been charged with second-degree assault. Prosecutors say he has a history of drug addiction and mental illness but had a permit to carry a concealed weapon - something in violation of federal and state law.

Mayor Greg Nickels criticized the state legislature, saying it won't let the city adopt a gun law stronger than state law, and won't pass a law making it illegal for someone who has been committed to a state mental institutionto get a gun permit.

Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske is scheduled to join the mayor Monday for announcement of new gun regulations."

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Heartless Libertarian said...

"Mayor Nickles, a new study has determined that the hot air spewing from your pie hole is a major cause of global warming. Therefore, we're going to have to ask you the shut the fuck up."