Friday, July 31, 2009

Beer Summit

Crowly-- Blue Moon
Gates-- Sam Adams Light
Obama-- Bug Light

Really?? The president of the greatest nation on God's green earth orders a Bud Light?? Seems to me that cheapskates or pussies order Bud Light when they are 5 or more years out of college.

Real men like real beer.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

craigslist fail

This is in the "housing wanted" section in Fayetteville, NC. Keep in mind as you read it that this is a woman who is looking for a place to live, a woman that is selling herself to readers who would allow her into their home as a tenant. Would you let her rent a room from you?

IF you cant tolerate a cat, I dont want to stay in your house, thanks.
My fiance and I are looking for a place, a place that we have our complete privacy. I dont want to rent from someone who is going to come up in our room when were away and use our computer or unplug all my stuff and then throw it on the floor! I am not very picky but the room has to be a decent size, not so small that it can barely fit a bed in it. (Bassically a closet is not going to work for us)
I don't really care how much rent is, but here is how I feel.
I will pay you what you NEED for rent. I am not going to pay you 1000 for rent when that will cover all of your bills. I understand it is your home, but I am not going to pay ALL of your bills, aint happening.
If I wanted to pay that I would get my own place.
Don't ask me to pay 500 a month if I wont have my own bathroom, aint happening.
Don't ask me to pay 500 a month if you dont have cable and internet, aint happening.
I am not trying to sound bitchy but you would be amazed at the crap people on here expect.
If we do rent from you, we will NOT tolerarate anyone stepping foot into our room, because we are paying for it and we enjoy our privacy, if that ever gets broken will we know trust me and we will move out most likely to same day.
I am not desperate, I have money and a place to stay right now I am just kinda looking for something that has some privacy.
My BIG things are
DONT treat us like children or grandchildren for that matter
DONT go through our stuff
DONT ask to use my computer because the anserw will be no until I know you better
DONT ask me where I am going when I walk out the door
DONT get into any of my buisness ever!
Those things will end up in us moving out immediatly

Trust me I have been playing this game and I am not the one to play it with! I work too damn hard for the money I make and I am a grown ass women and will not be talked to or treated like a child or shit.
Anyone who has been a roomate probally knows what i am talking about.
Email me what you have,

These are the people...

...that vote for hopenchange.