Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama's Teleprompter

George Bush maybe couldn't pronounce all the words in the dictionary (yes even some common ones) but wouldn't making fun of him be like making fun of the person with a speech impediment? A learning disability? Special needs? The tolerant left hates when Bush says "misunderestimated" but at least the man doesn't rely on a teleprompter 100% of the time. Ans I have to say the constant "uuuuuuhhhh" bugs the crap out of me. Every few sentences-- sure. We all do it, myself included. But without his teleprompter he says "uuuuuuhhhh" literally every other word. anyway, I thought this should be out there since the main stream media wont air it.

This one is not funny but actually a little disturbing. Obama has yet another fainter in his audience. The thing that bothers me more in this video is the very last bit when he says the word change; the audience goes wild. Why? Was he the inventor of the word? Was he the first one to use it as a slogan? The first to use it at all? Didn't Hitler use change as a slogan for his campaign? And Castro? And Bill Clinton? Hmmm...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Dilemma/Debate

My job is ending in September. I will join millions on The Obama Plan of not working but I probably wont collect unemployment. Why? I'm debating on going on a road trip. Destination: North Carolina. To see Arley and stay with her for a while while Dave is gone. Also I'd like to spend time with my aging grandmother in Florida.

I figure I could take my time driving to NC and do some serious sight seeing on the way. There's so many places I haven't been-- I don't know what a prairie looks like. Or plains. And hills for that matter (mountains are different apparently). I've never seen land so flat that you can see the city that is about 25 miles away but it looks about 5 miles away. Most of all, I've never had a warm Christmas. Or a fairly dry winter. Sunny spring? Fugetaboutit. I don't know it's like not to live on the coast or have a giant body of water less than 10 minutes away.

I think it could be quite an experience.


(1) money. I have a great savings but I'd hate to spend money on such play especially in such hard economic times. How could I cut costs along the way? Maybe camp, sleep in the car, couch surf, use friend/family resources, etc. Also, jobs are scarce at my destination and I'd like to work at least a little if I'm going to stay with Arley for an extended period of time.

(2) college. I'm not getting any younger and college is not getting any cheaper. I have no idea what I want to study (still) so I am using that as an excuse for the further delay.

(3) safety. Of course I'd love to bring at least one gun with me but all states have different rules regarding carry. Some states allow guns in the car that are in a case and not loaded. Some allow loaded guns in the car but still must be in a case. What good does an unloaded gun do me? Then of course I have to be concerned about my stuff being stolen on the way... like my car loaded with all my crap.

(4) health. I wont have healthcare and I'll be unemployed so injury could be more serious on the road than at home. Not to mention mental health-- will I be okay without my friends and family?

Although I have a few others, those are my main concerns. The upside is that I'll be able to see Arley, the country, and possibly a great place for future residence. I love Washington and everything but do you ever feel like you just want to escape? I get real tired of seeing people I used to know. And liberals.

And that's my debate and dilemma. Should I go? Not? How do I know what is the right thing to do? At least I have some time to think about it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thousands in Sri Lanka more important than millions in Afghanistan

Typical Seattle liberals have flooded the streets in support of Sri Lanka, gaining more media attention than the nationwide pro-USA Tea Party rallies. Here is a tiny nation that is not a threat to us nor have they attacked us on our own turf (killing 3,000 people using planes and the WTC... remember that? 9/11? Yeah? Damn right you do) but they get positive rallies while US soldiers who protect out nation are called "extremists" and "potential terrorists" by these same Seattle people.

Apparently this has been forgotten about.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my disdain for those rotten people of Seattle who lead the way of anti-Americanism in favor of pro-everybody-else-especially-those-who-hate-us-because-they-are-just-misunderstood-and-need-a-hug-from-Obama. It's sad that the people of Sri Lanka have to suffer but I hate to break it to you but... we do not live in a Utopian world. Nor will we ever.

Ugh, I'm so disgusted. Read the article, I'm done ranting here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day? What?

So... today was a leftist holiday? How did I miss that? My sentiments on said day are those of David Boze.

Earth Day Sucks

There I said it. Note I didn't say the Earth sucks. I like living here. But "Earth Day" strikes me as a holiday for left wing politics, nothing more. Okay, maybe there's a dose of pagan Earth worship involved for some, but I think most of it is leftist politics. And it tends to lead to apocalyptic scenarios that scare children. I say Halloween is enough for that.

It's funny that when Christians bring up the "War on Christmas"--the effort to secularize all things Christmas--there seems to be an increasing attempt at making Earth Day more pure... and demanding that purity from others.

Sorry Earth Day, I'll continue to honor Creation every time I see the sun set, and every time I see the Olympics tower over the horizon like some kind of mythical wall. I'll revere the wild as I hike through the forests hunting, becoming a part of nature and learning anew the value of what I eat. I'll continue to look down from atop the peaks of mountains across the northwest and marvel at how the valleys below look so painfully beautiful it seems as though they must have been directly carved by the hands of a loving God. And I won't forget that man is a part of that creation.

And when it comes to man, it's the free market system that has made our lives easier, freer, cleaner, healthier, and more creative. And I don't think Earth Day does a thing to honor that.

Celebrate "Earth Day" tonight with a free movie appropriately warning of the dangers of blind environmentalism. The information on how to go is below the trailer to the movie.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party, Seattle

Check out Ann Coulter's take on Tea Parties and Obama.

This was an incredibly respectful event. How can the leftists think that we are the rabid extremists? Last time I checked, it's always the lefty events that have crime and disruption. I'm reading the book Slouching Towards Gomorrah and just finished chapter two about the incredibly violent protests of the 60s.

Anyway, we chanted "USA!" and whooped, hollered and booed but no one started fights, started fires, turned cars, spit on opposing sides, or littered. The cops actually looked a little bored.

Right after the event was declared finished, the YR gang went up stage to sing the National Anthem... and to show off my sign of course :)


My sign :)

Stephanie and me posing with THE most popular sign at the event.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party-- this Wednesday!!

Don't forget to join the protests, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, Green, etc.

This is not about political party, it's about Americans.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter everyone!

Today we celebrate the rising of Christ.
Matthew 28:1-10

After rising, He gave us a mission, the Great Commission.
Matthew 28:16-20

"And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the ages"

Friday, April 10, 2009

Saddam Hussein's rifle discovered on Ft. Lewis

Found via I want this gun! How cool would it be to have the weapon of a terrorist? It would be like you castrated him by taking away his gun. Not that Hussein is alive anyway. (well there is one other Hussein that is alive who I'd like to strip of his power...)

Pearl handle with chrome finish, full auto. Nice.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

G.I. Joe's closes the doors

My second job was at G.I. Joe's, now known as Joe's Sports & Outdoors, so I'm a little sad to see them close the doors. The store was started by a G.I. Joe and maintained a close-knit homey kind of feel-- until they went off the deep end a few years ago. They no longer wanted to be connected to the military so they dropped with G.I. which pisses me off; it feels anti-American.

Anyway, I still love that store and often shop there. Not only does the store closing make me sad but the fact that it's another 1600 jobs lost according to What I mean is, this is hitting home now and I'm worried. What will happen to me? My dad is already laid off and it's only a matter of time before my mom loses her job and my brother can't even get a job.

I suppose if SHTF I could go hippie and live of the "fatta the land."

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bacon Sandwich cures hangovers

For you, Christina.

Researchers claim food also speeds up the metabolism helping the body get rid of the booze more quickly.

Elin Roberts, of Newcastle University's Centre for Life said: "Food doesn't soak up the alcohol but it does increase your metabolism helping you deal with the after-effects of over indulgence. So food will often help you feel better.

"Bread is high in carbohydrates and bacon is full of protein, which breaks down into amino acids. Your body needs these amino acids, so eating them will make you feel good."

Beavis and Butthead vs. emotional hippies

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Texas? Florida?

Where the heck is the global warming Al Gore promised us? It's been raining so much lately (and snowing) that I was about ready to build an Ark. Luckily the sun came out this afternoon (not without raining and snowing this morning) and it's expected to be fairly nice this weekend.

If not, I'm going to Texas.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

I hate April fools. Don't get me wrong-- jokes are funny. Funny "haha" not funny "gotcha". Telling your mother that your girlfriend was mugged and beaten is not funny even on April fools. (my friend Laura) But "a man walked into a bar and was knocked unconscious" is hilarious!

My dad received an email from a gun company saying the the ban on fully automatic guns has been lifted but was unable to find any more information on said lifted ban. He thinks it's an April Fools day joke.


I hate this day.