Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day? What?

So... today was a leftist holiday? How did I miss that? My sentiments on said day are those of David Boze.

Earth Day Sucks

There I said it. Note I didn't say the Earth sucks. I like living here. But "Earth Day" strikes me as a holiday for left wing politics, nothing more. Okay, maybe there's a dose of pagan Earth worship involved for some, but I think most of it is leftist politics. And it tends to lead to apocalyptic scenarios that scare children. I say Halloween is enough for that.

It's funny that when Christians bring up the "War on Christmas"--the effort to secularize all things Christmas--there seems to be an increasing attempt at making Earth Day more pure... and demanding that purity from others.

Sorry Earth Day, I'll continue to honor Creation every time I see the sun set, and every time I see the Olympics tower over the horizon like some kind of mythical wall. I'll revere the wild as I hike through the forests hunting, becoming a part of nature and learning anew the value of what I eat. I'll continue to look down from atop the peaks of mountains across the northwest and marvel at how the valleys below look so painfully beautiful it seems as though they must have been directly carved by the hands of a loving God. And I won't forget that man is a part of that creation.

And when it comes to man, it's the free market system that has made our lives easier, freer, cleaner, healthier, and more creative. And I don't think Earth Day does a thing to honor that.

Celebrate "Earth Day" tonight with a free movie appropriately warning of the dangers of blind environmentalism. The information on how to go is below the trailer to the movie.

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