Saturday, June 7, 2008

Good News!

I bought an AR-15 today! It's pretty sweet. Bushmaster 16.5 in barrel, collapsible stock, flat top rail, detachable H-bar. Got a screaming deal on it at Ben's Loans in Renton. I love that place.

First we went to Discount Guns in Kent. It was funny because one of the workers was telling us how a man came in the other day to look at assault rifles and said, "Got to get them while we can." The worker look at the man like he was an idiot and told him that if he didn't vote for commies like Obama then we wouldn't have this problem. The idiot man was wearing an Obama pin. "Uh...well I like his economic policies...uh..."

Stupid man. Funny story.

I love my new rifle!

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