Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bernard Sanders-D, Vermont

I kept hearing on the radio that Obama is the number one most liberal senator while Biden is the number three. Then I found out that Bernie Sanders is an open, self-proclaimed socialist yet he is less liberal than them coming in at number four. So does that make Obama a Marxist or a communist?

Republicans are getting a bum rap. They are the minority in congress where Nancy Pelosi immediately shoots down any Republican bill presented. Republicans are getting their property destroyed by libs and being interrupted at speeches (with little media coverage) and talked down at whenever speaking of an opinion.

But the thing that pissed me off the most was when researching Bernie Sanders, I found his own hate-filled site about the RNC. When the DNC was going on, it was a moment in history. But accodring to Bernie Sanders, the RNC "was covered by the media as if it were a soap opera or football game in St. Paul." Oh dear, what an inconvenience. Here is the whole quote:

"As an all-too-real threat approached New Orleans and a convention was covered by the media as if it were a soap opera or football game in St. Paul, Sen. Bernie Sanders toured Vermont to raise awareness of the role juvenile delinquency prevention programs play in our communities; he shone a light on real life slavery taking place on farms in Florida; and he continued the push for desperately-needed home energy assistance. Congress returns from August recess next week. All this while the economy continues to go in the wrong direction"

The first thing he talks about is juvenile delinquency in his state. His idea to "raise awareness" is to push more money into youth programs. You can shovel money at programs all day but that wont stop crime. It's personal responsibility and parent responsibility.

Next he talks about "slavery" in Florida. This so called slavery is attributed to illegal aliens who are illegally here, illegally working, and getting an illegal paycheck. Just because they make below minimum wage and don't get health benefits (rightfully) he calls it slavery. Which I find rather insulting to the historical slaves in America who were regularly beaten, separated from their families, and worked against their will--without pay. Getting a small paycheck is not slavery.

His home energy crisis comment is, again, shoveling more money at people. He wants to give more money to those who cannot afford to warm their houses because of the rising gas prices. And he blames Republicans for blocking his bill, calling it a filibuster that is blocking his decision to give more money to those in need. What he fails to mention is that if he and other liberal/communist senators filibuster the Republicans bills to drill so we the taxpayers don't have to pay for our neighbors heat, but make it possible for everybody to pay for their own.

What a disgusting excuse for an American. I'm ashamed of our Democrats-- they belong in Canada.

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