Saturday, September 20, 2008

Puyallup Fair

Today Douglas and I went to the Puyallup Fair (a certain cousin couldn't go...lame). It's tradition to go on all the barf rides and eat lots of bad food. Actually it's good food just bad for you. We started out going on the Extreme Scream which was so amazingly fun! Then we hit the Zipper, the roller coaster then the slingshot. Douglas insisted on playing a couple games so he played the game where you hit the thing with a hammer... don't know what it's called... and won a blow-up hammer about three feet long that squeaks when you hit things or just squeeze it. Then he threw some balls in a bucket and won a monkey. Both proved to be very entertaining later on. Then we stopped by the Republican booth and bought a sticker and button.

After eating lunch of BBQ sandwiches at the Young Life stand, drinking many free samples of chocolate milk, and after Douglas ate an ice cream cone, we went on the Extreme Scream again. We had a few tickets left and since the Kamikaze was closed at that time, we went on the giant swings. The operator of that ride was such an ass. He was so rude to his fellow employees right in front of us-- literally standing next to us and talking down to these poor guys. The Kamikaze opened by that time but we only had enough tickets combined for one of us to go on the ride so Douglas went. After that we went on a mission to find caramel apples, fudge and scones.

They didn't have the caramel apple I wanted so I left Douglas standing in the long line for scones while I went to get fudge. I rejoined him and in 15 minutes, he moved only a few feet. This is when the hammer and monkey came in. We stood stood in line for an hour so we had to entertain ourselves somehow. The people behind us thought we were pretty funny when we made the hammer into some kind of toll bridge.... yeah...

Then it got interesting. The lady in front of us had an Obama/Biden button and noticed my McCain/Palin button and after about 45 minutes in line, she decided to start up a debate on politics. She wanted to know "just one thing why I am voting for McCain" and sounded, initially, that she didn't want to start something up-- just curious. But she was so condescending when I told her how I like that he is for protecting the constitution, primarily the 2nd Amendment and he not a communist. So she, ever the liberal, went on a tangent of "oh so you only like the 2nd amendment, not the others? So you only care that he upholds that one? And that's great he's not a communist, I'm glad he's not" And that arrogant tone of hers...

She kept interrupting me and completely ignored Douglas. I was thoroughly annoyed but was trying to keep it civil by saying that I have already made up my mind as she has hers, so I hate it when people preach to me. After a few minutes of quieting down, I politely ask, "and what about you? Why Obama?" and her reply was "well there are so many to choose from... I like that he seems honest... he cares about everyone, not just the rich people.... and he wants to protect our civil liberties... and that makes me feel good" I just say, "Well I don't think any politician is honest these days"

But in spite of that one Obamunist bitch, I did have a great time at the fair. It rained up until 6:30 which was when we started standing in the hour long scone line. However, the ride lines were long in the rain. My shoes were soaked so when we got back to the car I traded them for my flip-flops only to see that my feet were so wrinkled from the water!

Now I am sitting here typing with The Office playing in the background and when I'm done, I'll climb into bed with my freshly washed sheets. What luxuries. God bless America.

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