Friday, September 12, 2008

Kids names

Having worked with kids for the past few years has exposed me to some pretty weird names-- as well as some very overused normal ones. Arley and I, as well as many nannies, talk about how parents these days are giving their children names to make them "unique" as if they aren't already. If they don't have horrible names then they have horrible spellings. Seattle seems to be worse than the Eastside.

For example, in Seattle I have met or seen kids with the names Sloane (for a girl), Spike, Townsend, Maverick, Satchel, Emerson (for a girl), Barron and Talon-- so far. Some not-so-weird names but still out of style include Daisy, Bianca, and Elias-for now. And my cousin named her daughter Arheney... what?

Spelling is another thing. I hate it when someone takes a great name like Amy and butchers it to Aimee. Jason becomes Jacen. Marcus becomes Markus. Spelling a name differently does not make them unique-- it makes it harder for teachers and potential employers to say it or take them seriously. However, my friend named her daughter Danneka and I actually like it better than Danica. Go figure.

Then there is the overdone names like anything that rhymes with Aiden. Jayden, Kayden, Brayden, Rayden, Tayden, Hayden....oh my gosh! And then there is an infinite way to spell each of those names.

The Eastside seems to have stuck with the more common names of this generation like Emma, Madison, Max, Jake, Evan, Ethan and Taylor. Both sides are overrun with Ava, Zoe, Grace and Abigail.

Old names are nice but not the style. Maybe they will be later. Names like Ruth, Barbara, Esther (sorry Arley), Ethel, Dorothy, Margaret, Betty, Evelyn... sorry but they just belong in the past or as middle names after a loved family member. My opinion anyway.

Celebrities. Gwen Stephani named her newest boy Zuma. Kingston is not bad though. Other celebrity kid names include, Ocean, Sonnet, True, Moxy CrimeFighter, Moon Unit, Knox, Suri, Apple, Deacon, Harrlow, Sunday, Kyd, Honor and don't forget the Willis kids Tallulah, Rumer, and Scout. Read here for some more outrageous ones.

My nanny friend told me recently how her sister works in a daycare who has a little girl with the name, I kid you not, Sobriety. I really don't care for those types of names. I've actually known people with the names Modesty, Charity, Chastity, Patience, Hope, Faith, and Trinity. I once knew a girl named Honey too. Chicago Bear's coach is named Lovie. Some people...

I'll write more if I think of anymore names to list. Me? I'm not so unique. I prefer the name Reagan myself. Bet you can't guess why :)

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