Thursday, September 11, 2008

Only took a week

It's been a little over a week with my McCain bumper sticker on my car alongside my AM 770 decal which is sitting right next to my bumper sticker that says, "Keep your laws off my gun." I've had them up and as you know, I work in "tolerant" Seattle but so far have had no problems with my stickers. Of course I take the McCain one down when I have to leave my car at the park or something. But today was different. I had just left work and was at a stop light about a block away. There was one car in front of me at the red light and I heard a honk from the car behind me. Still red, couldn't be honking at me. I looked out the sides to see if he was honking at someone he knew. Nothing. Honk again. I looked to see if there was something going on. Nothing. Finally, one more honk. This time I look in my rear view mirror and make eye contact with the driver behind me. He looks at me and flips out his middle finger. You can't tell me that wasn't about my bumper stickers.

So tolerant.

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