Friday, December 26, 2008

Petting the Dolphins

Today we pet the dolphins! This morning we took a shuttle to the north-center part of the island to catch a boat to Blue Lagoon Island. We crossed over an amazing bridge that was a good size length but the real beauty was the height. Built to allow cruise ships to go under, it's the most unique bridge I've seen mostly because of the simplicity.

The boat took us to the other island where we were immediately taken to the dolphin encounter. After a quick review and orientation, we were in the water with the dolphins. What amazing tricks they can do! After a quick show, we all got family pictures then had a chance to pet and "kiss" the dolphins. They are so cute! And the water was so cold.

Afterward we ate lunch. The bees were quite a nuisance while eating lunch so I practiced my aim in trying to squish them. The beach on that island was more beautiful than ours behind the resort. There were umbrellas on the beach with brightly colored lawn chairs, picnic tables and hammocks galore! Arley, Dave and I had fruity drinks, Ian and Otto played in the water (of course) and Jenn worked on her sunburn. Thankfully, I do not appear to have much of a burn. (SPF 50 works!)

We decided we had about enough for the day and took the 2pm boat back and were able to get a shuttle back to the house. Pretty much we just eat, sleep, and watch movies which is enough for me after such a day!

Did you know that Mahimahi is dolphin?? Well, it's not Flipper but it's a type of dolphin-fish.

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