Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Bahamas!

Yes, I am in the island of sunshine-- where it's been cloudy with scattered showers. But it's still nice to be here!

My plane was delayed only and hour Monday night, leaving just after 11pm rather the original delay of 1am. (original flight time was 10pm) I didn't sleep a wink on the plane and was incredibly tired and dehydrated so my lower legs were really swollen by the time I got to the Villa. I arrived at 2pm Tuesday at the Villa and was lucky they let me in even though it was Jenn who made the reservation so technically I wasn't supposed to get in. But yay, I did--then went straight to the Tiki bar for some local brew.

The Lange's arrived Tuesday night. Wednesday we played in the pool and on the beach then headed downtown. It's been very windy here and it even rained pretty good yesterday but still we went to the Pirate Museum. They had a Pirate there who was so funny! Ian was trying to out "Arrr" him. Everyone was so tired but we had fun, tired because Ian and Otto are adequate alarm clocks, waking us up just before 6am. Don't forget that myself and half the Lange's are from the west coast so 6am is more like 3am. Jenn and I are sleeping on cots in the living rooms so we get the full glory of morning noise. However, today we took naps in the rooms upstairs while Ian and Otto, aka the tornadoes, watched a movie downstairs.

Arley and I became kids again! We made a couple elaborate sand castles yesterday and today. We all take turns holding a little hand while they romped around in the ocean. And of course, there is a swimming pool which Ian and I jumped into many times. While downtown yesterday, Arley and I got our hair braided in corn rows.

Today, Christmas was a small but joyous affair. The grandparent-Lange's gave us stockings with little gifts and we each had a "secret Santa" so we didn't have to feel obligated to get everyone a gift. The island pretty much closes down for Christmas and Boxing Day which is tomorrow. They have a Junkanoo parade/festival downtown in celebration for the-day-after-Christmas. Hence why we swam, built sand castles, and napped-- everything was closed! We do have reservations for swimming with the dolphins tomorrow which we are looking forward to.

Between me, Jenn, and the grandparents we are like paparazzi to Ian and Otto. But they are cute so how can we not?? The internet is too slow here so the posting of pictures will have to wait.

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