Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Bahama Fun

Today we had fun downtown. Otto fell asleep right before we were supposed to go so Joan stayed with him while the rest of us, not including Jenn who went scuba diving, went off to town. We took the bus and walked to Fort Fincastle. It was quite a walk but Ian did so well walking the whole way uphill without complaining. The fort was small but we enjoyed going up to the top and looking at the cannons. Just outside the fort there were a bunch of little booths where locals were selling their goods to tourists. One man had coconuts in the back of his truck and made us a drink out of one. This breed of coconut was called a rambonut-- or I think that's what he said. For five dollars he cut the top off and filled it with milk and we all shared it. After a sip, he poured it over ice (which tasted better) then chopped up the meat from the inside. We all tasted the coconut meat, even Ian. It didn't taste like coconut but had more of a nut flavor.

We made the long trek downtown, easier as it was downhill now. We explored the Harley Davidson shop then had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. Arley and I wanted the explore the Straw Market but didn't want to make the men-folk hang around so we sent them on their way back to the resort saying we'd catch up shortly.

Everyone was at the pool when Arley and I got back and we happily joined them. After a short time at the pool, Arley, Joan and I made a trip to the store. Now we are hangout out for the night watching Horton Hears a Who.

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