Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Palin's church set ablaze

The kind of dog that Obama is getting his kids made front page news. The media is deathly silent about Sarah Palin's church getting torched. Media bias? No way!

Mmm hmm....

ATF: Accelerant poured around Palin's Church

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - An accelerant was poured around the exterior of Gov. Sarah Palin's church before fire heavily damaged the building, federal investigators said Monday. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said the accelerant was poured at several locations around the church, including entrances.

The blaze was set Friday night at the main entrance of the Wasilla Bible Church while a small group, including two children, were inside. No one was injured. Fire authorities were called to the scene at 9:40 p.m., unusually early for many arson fires, Starcevic said.

"It's kind of odd to do in the evening hours," he said. "I can tell you that most of the arson fires I've worked on are late nighttime, usually when no one is there."

Attempted murder? I hope the culprit is charged for every person's life he or she put in danger. I'm so mad that this didn't make bigger headlines. Obama's damn BlackBerry made front page news in the Seattle Times. What the heck is wrong with our country?

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