Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bad parents, bad show

This afternoon, the show Trading Spouses caught my attention and the episode disturbed me. The show is where mothers switch families for a week and create just enough drama to hold the viewers attention for an hour. This episode was where Doreen went to live with the Nelson family in Oregon where the dad is a Keith Richards rocker dude with a sweet ballet dancing 17 year old daughter. Terry went to Doreen's home in Boston, the Andrews family, where the dad demands she do housework and the grown children mooch and whine. The catch is that the moms assign each others family the prize of $50,000 and tell them how to spend it.

Doreen was a closed-minded, judgmental bitch, no two ways about it. The Keith Richards wanna be was a little weird and yes it's weird to hear a 50 year old man say teen catch phrases of the 70s and 80s but it doesn't give you the right to judge. I'd have gone with the flow and enjoyed it! The worst part was how she criticized the parents for home-schooling their daughter. What a fool. The daughter was so sweet tempered, mellow and definitely a hard worker. She did her school lesson on her own then went to ballet class. Doreen went ballistic saying that the poor girl is too sheltered, how boring it must be to stay at home all day, how horrible it is she is not in the public school system.

But let me tell you about Terry's experience with Doreen's own daughters. The daughters were older than 18 but I didn't catch the exact age. What spoiled rotten kids. They work evenings, go out and party, come home by 4am and sleep till 4pm, then do it all over again. Not a big deal if you are going to school or something, you deserve to be left alone to sleep or have some fun. But these brats were rude and unambitious, refusing to help do their own laundry. Doreen had no right to criticize Terry's daughter.

The worst of it was when they got the letter saying how the family's money will be spent. Terry decided for Doreen's family and visa versa. Doreen was nice about it, saying some will go to retirement, some to the dad's rock band and some to the daughter's ballet. Terry gave the parents money for remodeling the house as well as some spending and savings money. She also gave each of Doreen's daughters some money for debt, savings and college. Terry's family was excited for how the money was spent but Doreen's daughters were up in arms saying how stupid it is that their money has to go toward college. It's so stupid and such a waste because the government will pay for their college. What a waste for something that is already going to be paid for. Why can't they just have the money to piss away at their desire?

Hold up. They are ungrateful that the burden is lifted from the government. They are ungrateful that money is going into savings and not into their hands. Wah wah wah.

I say kudos to Terry for home-schooling, she needs more of a prize. We need less children like Doreen's. Get out of the public school system if you can.

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