Friday, December 19, 2008

Other states are laughing at us

It's cold. Alaska and Michigan are laughing at us but they don't understand-- we can handle rain, not snow & ice! This evening the sign at U-Village read 16 degrees. The downtown sign by I-5 read 23 degrees. A Bellevue sign by I-90 read 19 degrees. My home thermometer read 22 degrees. COLD! I miss 97 degree Texas.

But not to fret for I am leaving Monday night for 7 days in the Bahamas!!!

UPDATE: Today (Saturday) the roads are mostly clear in Renton and Issaquah yet people still insist on driving 10 below the speed limit. Also, the Safeway stores in both Renton and Issaquah were PACKED! People were stocking up big time, lines out to Florida. The Safeway gas station was packed too. I Think I'll stay home.

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