Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who loves Obama more than Obama?

The answer to the headline is... No one. People cry out his name, bow to his shrine in their closets, faint when seeing him, and become his disciples. But he clearly loves himself more than the public does.

I am reminded of the clip from Family Guy where Peter says, "Wow, he loves her more than Julia Roberts loves herself." Cut to Julia Roberts saying, "Hi, I'm Julia Roberts. As you may have heard, many people have died due to the tsunami. But don't worry; I didn't. And I'll be here to entertain you for years to come. Me! ME! MEEE!!!" end with maniacal laughter.

The reason I started this attack on Barry Hussein is because he just keeps getting more and more creepy. First he comes out with his undefined "change" on a logo.

About that same time he comes out with his "O" logo.

It gets really creepy when he came out with his own presidential seal. Who does he think he is?

He then decided it would be a great idea to "change" his jet. His idea of "change"? To delete the American flag and replace it with his own foolish "O" symbol. To simply not add a flag is okay but to remove it is downright disrespectful.

But those are just kid games compared to this next and newest one. is proving to be one of McCain's better allies. They did a blog on this next Hitlarian logo.

Why are people voting for him?? As Dave says, "Hope" is not a plan, "Change" is not an outcome.

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