Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Operation Button Bomb

Mr. Boze, you've done it again! It was through The David Boze Show on AM770 where the term Obamunism was coined and now he's created Operation Button Bomb. has taken a vacation from protesting wars now that the Russians are aggressively carving up a fledgling democracy. Now MoveOn is focused on helping Barak Obama win the presidency, by sending out free campaign buttons and trying to expand their mailing list.

This gave me the idea of taking them up on the offer and having them spend the money on postage to give me my "free" button. True, they will add me to their junk mail and spam list, but I will simply ID them as "trash" for my email filter, and I will punish the environment with their wasteful mailings. I am just pleased I can urge you to join me in this subversive effort without breaking my principles (no government mandates involved--they're the ones offering the free buttons, so I am taking advantage of the offer.).

I guess since Rush Limbaugh had Operation Chaos, we should call this Operation Button Bomb. It will be the best use of's money yet (unless they've burned some in their parking lot to protest the dead white guys pictured on the front).

Spend their money and get your Obama button here. is giving out free buttons and Mr. Boze had the great idea of wasting their money for not only the button but the cost of shipping to have it sent to your house. People commented on his blog saying that we can hand out the buttons to the homeless when they ask for spare "change."

Sidenote: only about 25% of panhandlers are legitimately in need. So stop handing out money on the street! Instead, give items and gift cards to a local food or clothing bank. Or give out your new "change" buttons.

I've already got a couple of buttons on the way :)

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