Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A little decency left

Jamie met up with me today in Bellevue after work for a little trip to Wade's Guns. He's working Army this month and was still in uniform. In Wade's, I noticed everyone was very respectful to this smart-ass 25 year old friend of mine. One fella started talking with him about the military right away. The thing that touched me the most was a woman in there. While moving down the glass counter the woman was in Jamie's view so he politely said "excuse me" while looking into the case. The woman stepped aside, looking at Jamie, and said just as politely, "Oh absolutely, go right ahead. For all you do for our country, thank you. Thank you for your service." She said a few more nice things but I have forgotten them unfortunately.

The point is that there is at least one sincere, decent person left with manners and respect for our military. This is the major difference between Seattle and the Eastside. A mere body of water separates two entirely different world.

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