Monday, August 4, 2008

An entire generation is at stake

The brainwashing starts at a young age. Some of us must have an internal antidote; for others, we must find the cure.

My lovely cousin Christina has a brain and knows how to use it-- Yes she is an 18 year old conservative. Her friends, however, seem to be extremely liberal. It frustrates me how the liberal "progressive" cult claims to be tolerant and full of love but their actions say otherwise. Yes, they are extremely tolerant of alternative lifestyles-- which is great, we should be-- but they shun and hate traditional lifestyles, values, and beliefs. Why can't we have both?

Worst of all, they hate conservatives and their views and opinions. Doesn't seem very progressive to me.

On my cousins account, she had a picture of herself, my brother and me sporting McCain stickers. Here is how the dialogue plays out on the comments board:



Tara: What "tolerant" comments...

Christina: oh liberals are always so accepting of others' beliefs :)

Megan: Silly liberals.

Kangda: "if obama wins, i'm going to revoke my citizenship and move to canada. i'm not even kidding" - christina babcock, a conservative.

Megan: Funny, I said the same thing about McCain.

Christina: no, I wouldn't leave America no matter how much the liberals talk about how bad the economy is, how bad war is, how bad global warming is, and how communism wold solve all these things

Tara: wow, sparky.... once again, so many "tolerant" liberals. Besides, you are better off cashing in an moving to the Bahamas or Costa Rica-- Canada is full of Socialist/Communist Obama lovers too. Wait, your friends SHOULD move there and get the hell out of this God loving, Gun toting, wonderful Capitalist country!

I'll let you know how it progresses from there... in the mean time:

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