Saturday, August 16, 2008


Ah, the tolerant left. The "progressives", the Enlightened, the cult of love is showing yet again how much they love all walks of life. Skin color, gender, sexuality, economic status, religion-- they are all tolerated by the left.

Except if you are a white, straight, upper-middle class, Christian male. Like Bill O'Reilly for example.

Have you heard of the new song from East Coast Avengers? It is, no joke, titled "Kill Bill O'Reilly" and I am disgusted, disturbed, and appalled by the lack of media coverage. This is an incredibly violent song calling for the demise of not only Bill O'Reilly but Michelle Malkin as well. I am not going to post the lyrics because they are so disgusting but you can find the article and lyrics here.

I don't understand why liberals are claiming to be so tolerant but hate conservatives. It's not even a competitive dislike; it's just downright blood-boiling, red-eyed, nostrils flaring, hot coal, blinding hatred that they feel for conservatives. They are basically saying "believe what I believe or die." If a conservative band ever wrote such lyrics they'd be put in jail. This goes back to the Fairness Doctrine-- is the media really too right for them? Seems a bit too left to me.

"Believe what I say or die" sounds an awful lot like Nazi talk to me. Once again, are we heading into Civil War II?

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