Friday, May 1, 2009


Recommended by my hairdresser, I watched the movie Water tonight. Let me just say tragic. The movie takes place in India and is about the life of the widows. Eight year old Chuyia is widowed by a husband she never met and, as tradition, she is sent to live with other widows in a village where they are outcasts and looked down on. Widows are doomed for a life of self-denial and for them to remarry, think of remarrying, or interacting with non-widows and men is considered a sin. The story shows of a hope for liberation from such damning traditions in our modern world.

I highly recommend it but be aware that it is in Hindi so you'd be reading subtitles which for me personally wasn't that bad.

This movie, the poverty, the "women's shame", and traditions makes me grateful to be an American woman. After being so deeply rooted into this way of life for so long, one of the main characters was dumbfounded to discovered that recently a law was passed saying that widows may remarry. When she asked why they didn't follow it, the religious leader who was telling her this (a man by the way) said that they "ignore laws that don't benefit them." Food for thought.

Anyway, as I was saying I am glad to be a woman in America. But it made me realize how ungrateful Americans in general really are. For example, gay rights activists (radicals), are complaining that they are kept down, have no rights and are discriminated against. What a horrible country we live in. Oh woe is them. Blacks are complaining the same thing and yet we have an ever-increasing number of black people in power (president included) and an ever-decreasing number of discrimination and hate crimes. Last but not least, the femi-nazis complain about the unfair treatment of women in the work place and in power (that means Hillary, they couldn't give a rats-behind about how Palin was treated).

I'm going to say something now and I want all you complaining minority groups to read carefully. Are you ready? Here it goes:


Ok so you can't get married because you are a queer, big freaking deal. No one hates you. No one wants you dead and no one wants you to live as a social outcast in a special home in a village on the river. Black? You make up less than a quarter of the USA population whereas whites make up about three-quarters of the population, OF COURSE some things will seem unfair! It's simply numbers! If you want to grow in number and in power then stop aborting your children. Michael Medved made a good point the other day when a black caller said, "I want white people to fail. I want them to suffer like we suffer." Medved pointed out the numbers and said, "how can 25% of the population succeed if 75% is failing?" Women listen up. It sucks that we make less money. It sucks that men still look down on us on occasion but shut up. We are not suffering nearly as much as the widows in Water. We are free to marry any man we want. We are not pimped out at 8 years old in a place where no one gives a damn. We. Have. Rights.

Again, I feel SO grateful to be an American woman. Such freedom. I wish more people would embrace what we have and stop complaining of what we don't have. Americans did not have easy "luck" in becoming this free and mighty nation. It did not fall in our forefather's laps. Liberty was fought for because they did not want leaders who would ignore laws that do not benefit them. Women did not just happen to become free one day. We had to fight for it. Same with minorities. Blacks like MLK fought hard so that skin color isn't a make-or-break for acceptance. And Queers-- well, you never had it that hard. We learned from these past fights and know that we need to accept people for who they are. We did not become who we are by walking on easy street. Stop feeling guilty about being an American. The best way to help those in need is to be strong yourself. You may have been born into this life of luxury but it was not a gift; it was earned. Have courage. Have faith in yourself, in your country and in God and you can use your luxury to bring good things to others. If we fail tomorrow as a country, then those you want to help cannot be helped.

Everyone needs to see this movie. Then maybe you too will fall in love with America.

Angel who came to me
Please come back and see
How happy I am free

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