Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Thanks to all the troops for their past and current work. The troops that died did not die in vain despite what the left says. They fought for freedom and independence. Many people take liberty for granted because we don't fully understand how life is without it. All the history lessons and views into the daily lives of other countries aren't enough. Can you imagine going to prison for speaking opposition against the president? (for all you Bush-haters, please imagine that.) Imagine going to the grocery store and having only two choices of kinds of bread--not 30. Imagine not being able to see a dentist when someone breaks your two front teeth in half because "free" healthcare in bankrupt and cannot afford to see you. Imagine life where women are oppressed still; 2nd class citizens. Imagine life not as citizens but as subjects, ruled by a tyrannical government who has total control over your life: hair style, clothes, names for your kids, where you live, what kind of car yo drive (IF they allow you to drive), etc.

Liberty is great, ain't it?

Our presidents have made mistakes the past 200 years (no, not just Bush. Come on fools, open your minds a little and look past that) but life is pretty damn good right now. It's not because of the peace corp or trying to chat lovingly to people who HATE us. No, it was because we have the best damn military and that, my friends, is the only thing keeping us from total destruction. We don't go in to war to conquer a nation like the Soviets did nor do we start wars against an ethnic group like the Germans did. We go into to war when we cannot wait anymore. We go into war when we absolutely have to. You know our liberty is at stake when we go to war.

Thank you troops for preserving our liberty. The ingrates on the left would be thankful too (if they were more open-minded) if they could see how blessed we are.

Thank you.

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Timothy said...

no. thank you. its good to see people who actually support us. a lot of the left wing doesnt see that we go through horribe times. that we are 22 hours away from the people that we love. that we have work on a flight deck that we risk our lives every time we step upon it. that we get paid so little that we can actually collect wellfare. but dont. becase were better than that. we dont take handouts