Friday, May 8, 2009

Oklahoma a sovereign state?

Do my eyes deceive me? Is Oklahoma a sovereign state like Texas? So when SHTF Oklahoma is the best place to be? Will the rest of the south follow? Could this be true progress? Apparently this has been tried before in June 2008 but from what I've been reading I think this passed now as of May 2009. The governor vetoed it saying that they'd have to give back federal money (i.e. the "stimulus" money) but the house and senate went over his head. Good. Another article here. I can't believe it. About freakin' time a state came together to send a message to the swine in D.C.


peacemaker said...

This is a sad state of affairs for our country, however if the south decides to become sovereign, it would definitely increase the IQ of the rest of the country as well as add to the number of people with real teeth, shame on you, you have a constitutional right to express your opinion, as do I do you really believe you will be better off, try this is in a communist state you would be accused of treason and that gun on the back of your truck would be used to shoot YOU. The Right, the Far Right, the neo conservatives, are the most closed minded people I have ever encountered in my life,
I will pray for you

Miss Adventures said...

How is this closed-minded? Seems to me that the lefties, who HATE everybody who is not radically left, are more closed-minded. The right are the true "live and let live" people because we are not CONSTANTLY interfering with others' lives nor are we name calling. And thanks, though I am a follower of Christ, I'm certainly a sinner and could use a lot of prayer to become more Christ-like.

OC Republican said...

Well said Miss Adventures! The liberals in this country are pathetic. My step mother is one, and we have some very heated debates. Funny, liberals get IRATE when we criticize Obama, but I could care less if they criticize Bush or McCain. Why get so angry liberals? What do you care if we conservatives love God, believe in FREEDOM from government and want to keep our tax dollars to ourselves, and not hand them out to those not willing to work hard! We have EARNED every dollar we make in my family, and now are being PUNISHED for that work! Make over $250 and you're screwed!