Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random thoughts on evolution

I was thinking about ants. If evolution is correct then wouldn't ants (and bugs in general) have learned by now that if they get near humans they will be destroyed? Bite a human, die from the swat of a hand. Make a nest near human, it will be walked on. For thousands of years. Or for Darwinians, hundreds of millions of years. And for that matter, why haven't we seen a monkey evolve into a human or have one on record from over the past 5000 years or so? The Stickleback fish has "evolved" so to speak but it evolved within it's species. Let me repeat that: this creature changed within it's species. It did not change species but merely adapted it's body to the water according to it's needs vs. what the water was providing. But is that the evolution that people need to prove? I don't think so. It seems that atheists are trying to convince us that one species (a monkey) can change into another (a human) and therefore there is no God. Sorry, a fish that changes clothes will not convince me.

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