Monday, May 11, 2009

As the left sees it, apparently

Some poor misinformed fool commented on my blog before (using run-on sentences, he/she said the rest of the country would have a higher IQ if the south left the union...riiiight) and said that I am closed-minded. Well I certainly can't let that go. Let me see if I can see the world through your eyes Peacemaker;

Support the war? You are a war-mongerer

Support traditional marriage? You are homophobic

Don't blindly support Barack Obama's policies? You are a racist

Support freedom and individual liberty? You are closed-minded

Eat meat? Killer

Want socialism to fail? You are a terrorist

Christian? You are a religious nut-job

Own/like guns? You are a fear-mongering nut-job

Say anything remotely negative about any single person from the Left? You are a hater

Think that every fetus is an individual human that has a right to life? You hate the right to abort

Believe in the Constitution? You are a radical right-wing extremist

Does that sound about right Peacemaker? It seems to me that if your left-wing cult(ure) is about peace, love and tolerance should be more peaceful, loving and tolerant to those who have different views. You don't have to agree with us just as we don't agree with you. Your cult also believes that there is a gray area in all things, nothing is black and white. So why can't our beliefs fall into that gray area? For example: if we support traditional marriage (man and woman) but don't hate, kill, protest, assault, harass or maim ALL gay people, doesn't that mean we are gray? You probably support gay marriage 100% which would make you either black or white. People, like those (loving, peaceful, tolerant Muslims the left loves so much) in Iraq, who think homosexuality is a crime would be the other end of the spectrum. We conservatives are somewhere in the middle and would deny traditional marriage to gays but not life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I can't see how being a conservative makes me closed-minded when it's the ultra-left who makes disgusting and horrible "jokes" about Rush Limbaugh, our Pro-America Tea Parties, a beauty pageant who simply says she supports one thing (not like she wants to kill the thing she doesn't support) and destroys your "Anointed One's" opponent because she did such a blasphemous thing as run against him. And how about Joe the Plumber? He asks a simple question to Obama and he is destroyed? If the bias (closed-minded) press can cover up for Obama while destroying the life of your average-American, how can we not stick to the gray area when we cn't trust our president?

I read the book Slouching Towards Gomorrah and one thing the author points out is that no matter how we try to cater to the left by compromising our convictions, values, morals, policies and principles, the left will never be satisfied; it will never be enough.

It seems to me that Peacemaker is thinking from a closed-minded point of view which is actually very selfish. It's selfish to want universal healthcare because rather than bring the quality of healthcare up, it will in actuality drive it down. (did you know england can no longer provide life-prolonging drugs to those with terminal illnesses because they are broke?) It's selfish to "go green" because it drives up the cost of energy (heat, electricity, AC, etc.) and oil (for the poor to drive to work at their minimum wage jobs). It's selfish to assume that kids can get along without a stable home life with a mother and father-- no matter how much you love your children, they need a mom and dad to relate to on different levels. It's selfish to say that "if you don't support Obama then you are a racist" because you are depriving US of OUR first amendment right to speech. (shall we show the same respect to your president that you showed to mine?) and for that matter, do you only like the constitution when if benefits you and not us? Most of all, it's selfish to tax the rich to give to the government. I do not envy the material things of the rich. People can be (and should be) happy without a new car or a big-screen TV). I benefit entirely from the free market as a middle/working class citizen. When the rich buy coffee, baristas have a job. When the rich hire a nanny, I have a job. When the rich renovate to their homes, my parents have jobs. How in the hell is stealing from the rich to give to the government going to heal an ailing economy? George Bush may have built the bridge to socialism but Obama need not have herded his cronies merrily across that bridge-- socialism got us into this financial crisis, only capitalism will get us out.

I urge you to read the book about terrorism by Bill Cooper. Also check out:

and this will explain how big of a threat the radical-Islamists really are. We did not go into war for nothing and in my humble opinion, Obama should be prosecuted for the crime of treason if he ends the war too soon. (he should be prosecuted for many things in his "transparent" administration but that's another blog).

I get that you hate my right to free speech but love yours. That's ok. That is the benefit of Oklahoma and Texas tearing away from the USA if need be in the future; we will be free and you will be oppressed, a slave to your messianic politician. Peacemaker, you are right about one thing: the IQ will go up and that will be the IQ of the free states of OK and TX, not of the People's Progressive Tyrannic Republic of Barackville.


Timothy said...

wow.. you just blew my mind. i have honestly never heard that good of an answer to anything. and i am 100% on your side. im a tulsa native that wishes that ok and tx would raise old bonnie blue and the stars and bars so i could come home and fight for what i actually believe in

candy said...

Yes....said so well...

candy said...

Yes....said so well...