Wednesday, November 12, 2008

King County Young Republicans

I joined the KCYR group about a month ago, mostly going to social events. I think the actual productive meetings start up again in January in hopes of moving our party forward and getting rid of the RINOs. (Republican In Name Only) The main (left) stream media is obsessing about how Republicans have lost their way and subtly suggest that the right needs to be more liberal. Some of the RINOs are definitely up for that but us few conservative-republicans are concerned about losing our core values of the right.

On election night, I went out afterwards to a Denny's with 5 other YRs. Two of them got into a heated debate with the other three as Moderate-Republicans vs. Conservative-Republicans discussing God and whether He created the earth and allowed evolution or if things have always been as they are. The CR brought up great points about the difference of adaptation vs. evolution which make a lot of sense. I mentioned how the measure of time was established by man so who knows how old the earth really is since 6000 years to God may be different to 6000 years to man. The MR couldn't differentiate adaptation and evolution and really couldn't express whether they had faith in God or not.

After one CR girl left to use the restroom, I spoke with the remaining two MR girls. I said that the difference is that she is conservative and they are moderate but we are still on the same side and must stop acting like name-calling, whiny Liberals. I was offended when one girl said that yes, she is moderate and when people ask her what party she affiliates herself with, she would reply with "I'm an open-minded Republican." Talk about slap in the face! I said conservatives are more open-minded than anybody because we live by God's law that we must love and accept everyone even if we don't love and accept what they do. but before I was too drawn into the conversation, I receded. It's no use. This girl, I found out later, is a former Democrat who is slowly being brought to the right by her Moderate boyfriend.

Our party is doomed.

However, I strongly believe that sometimes it takes such a crisis to reevaluate what and who we are and it will ultimately make us stronger. I pray that we do not succumb to the liberal disease but I just don't know anymore.

On the upside, I have met some pretty incredible true Republicans and I am excited for the next events. This weekend is the Woodinville Wine tour, next week is shooting with the gals for ladies night at Wade's, plus a lot more to come. Just as I was losing faith, I found this wonderful group.

Thank you, God.

Now if only I can find a good church...

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Brim said...

I stumbled onto your blog by accident. Love your site and your rants. I also attend the KCYR. As a conservative bible believing Christian, I would highly recommend Mars Hill Church if you're still searching.