Monday, November 24, 2008

Brett Favre invented football

Brett Favre is a talented athlete. He is enjoyable to watch. But I am annoyed because as I watch Monday night football Packers vs. Saints, all the commentators can talk about is how Aaron Rogers is like Brett Favre in some way but doesn't measure up in other ways. Why can't Rogers have his own identity? Instead, he is the-guy-who-took-over-for-Brett-Favre. Poor Aaron Rogers.

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Goldwater's Ghost said...

You know, it took Steve Young how many years to become Steve Young, not just "the guy who replaced Joe Montana"?

I don't think it really happened until he won his own Super Bowl.

Heck, pity 49ers coaches. They're still measured against the standard of trying to be 'the next Bill Walsh,' and he's been retired for almost 20 years.