Thursday, November 6, 2008

I made it to the news!

I was a hit at the Republican gathering on election night for the shirt I wore. The front said, "McCain, Rossi, Reichert 2008" with check marks next to each name. The back said 'God Guns Guts." I was interviewed, videoed, and photographed by many people and news people but unfortunately I was only able to get one business card for one story. Here it is. It's actually not a news story but just a picture and a blurb. Oh well, I'm an attention whore and will take what I can get.


. said...

Nice blog, but you seem a bit...angry.
In a recent post you said, "liberals shut up about this one."
In reference to the terror attack in Mumbai.
I think that's a mistake, I am a liberal in many ways, but I will defend my anti-islamic terror creds against yours, anytime.

I think it's admirable that a young person such as yourself cares enough to expend the energy, etc, to become involved in the world.

I feel that you could do more good by trying to figure out ways to bring people together rather than ways to make them angry.

I too have become disgusted by the sympathy evinced by some liberals for, for example, the Palestinians.

I have been able to convince, at least a small number of people, through patience and facts and even tempered dialogue, that they were wrong, that Israel is the victim vis a vis the arabs.

I listen to them, too.
No one has a corner on morality or knowledge.

We can all learn.

Anyway, good luck to you.
You seem to be an intelligent person with a good heart.

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BTW, I am not sure why my name on the reply to your post came out as an underlined period.
My name is Michael Blackburn, Sr.
I have a blog at