Sunday, November 16, 2008

Front page news! Huge story! Obama gives up BlackBerry!

Yes you read correctly. Obama must give up his BlackBerry which is such a huge, must-report piece of information that it made the front page of the Seattle Times. This is ground-breaking, earth-shattering news! Why did they not tell us sooner??

Obama used e-mail to stay in touch with friends from the lonely confines of the road, often sending messages such as "Sox!" when the Chicago White Sox won a game.


Should Obama want to break ground and become the first president to fire off e-mails from the West Wing and wherever he travels, he could turn to Al Gore as a model. In the later years of his vice presidency, Democrats said, Gore used a government e-mail address and a campaign address in his race against Bush

Oh for crying out loud! Really? That was front page worthy? I don't understand it completely why such a silly and obvious thing would be such a big deal. Of course he will have to give up most things of his former life-- he is the POTUS! His life will never be the same so he will not be allowed to have such normal and peasantly things. This article kinda makes me want to vomit a little bit.

But it gets worse. Arley mentioned how he is doing video addresses a la 1984 and it appears to be true.

On Saturday, as Obama broadcast the weekly Democratic radio address, it came with a twist. For the first time, it was also videotaped and archived on YouTube.

I haven't read it yet but the blurb via wikipedia says it's a book about a repressive totalitarian political regime, propaganda, surveillance, and society's increased encroachment on the rights of the individual.


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