Monday, January 26, 2009

Stop working-- Contraception will help the economy!

Is there anything Nancy Pelosi can't do? The woman is amazing in the way her mind spews out one brilliant idea after another. Several months ago the libs were complaining about how people are having fewer children these days and that our debt, which is to be paid by our grandchildren, may not be able to be covered. So the plan a few months ago was to have more children that can stimulate the economy by working, buying cars and goods, and pay for our current budget deficit. Obama's one-trillion dollar stimulus package is dependent on the future generation. However, as is the way with liberals, she has changed her course. check it out.

Children, aka future working adults, will stimulate hurt the economy according to the great and powerful Pelosi. I would safely guess that majority of the one-million aborted children each year were future democrats. Why would a democrat want to kill votes for their own party?

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