Saturday, January 3, 2009

Seattle says, "just take it up the rear, Israel"

I don't understand why people are so mad about Israel bombing the Palestinians-- the Palestinians have been sending rockets their way for quite some time complete with threats of "wiping them off the face of the earth." Why are Seattle libtards so mad? Do they want these horrible people to "cleanse" the earth in the only way they know how? I hate Seattle.

On the same day Israel began a ground assault in Gaza, a couple of hundred people gathered in downtown Seattle to protest the violence.

The pro-Palestinian rally at Westlake Park called for an end to Israeli air strikes and other military action in the Gaza Strip. Participants rallied and march through downtown Seattle -- demanding a halt to the violence and a resumption of peace negotiaions.

Despite its pro-Palestinian theme, the rally was sponsored by several groups, including one called American Jews for a Just Peace.

Today's rally took place just hours after Israeli tanks and infantry began a ground assault in Gaza, a week after the start of Israel's air offensive. Military officials say the goal is to take control of Hamas rocket launch sites.

Israel's defense minister says the campaign against Hamas militants "will not be short" -- or easy.

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Andy said...

Gotta love those Seattle-ites....

Why were they not protesting while Hamas was shelling all the innocent Israeli citizens?

Because the Israelis deserve it?

Then Why?

Gotta love em....