Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Israel has my support

Via msnbc.com, this story has a tiny glimmer of the reason why Israel attacked the Palestinians in Gaza. Seattle people idiots have been protesting this "evil war" but don't seem to understand that this war did not just fall out of Israel's ass one day as if they were bored and wanted to pick on somebody; Hamas' people have been firing rockets in southern Israel for years, often without injuring or killing people, but enough is enough. Not only that, Hamas along with other Arab and Muslim nations (Lebanon and Iran) hate Jewish people and have often said they ought to be wiped off the face of the earth. Muslim protesters in America have been telling the Jewish protesters that they need to "go back to the oven." Oh what civilized people they are, how progressive and tolerant, just the kind of people the libtards of Seattle support-- and what kind they are.

I digress.

This story gave tiny insight with small quotes such as:

Israeli troops now have the coastal city of 400,000 virtually surrounded as part of an offensive launched Dec. 27 to end years of Palestinian rocket attacks on its southern towns... Palestinian rocket fire has dropped significantly since the offensive was launched. Some 15 rockets and mortar shells were fired toward Israel Tuesday, causing no injuries, the army said.

Of course, no msnbc news story would be complete without the liberal slant:

Palestinian hospital officials say more than 940 Palestinians, half of them civilians, have been killed in the fighting. A total of 13 Israelis, 10 of them soldiers, have died.

Oh, the poor babies. The media often points out that a lot of Palestinian civilians were killed but after hearing that civilian (and I use the term loosely) woman shout out anti-semitic remarks, I wouldn't care if those civilians got killed-- chances are they were firing at the Israeli Army from rooftops.

Anyway, I too wish that people would stop the war and fighting but sometimes war IS that answer. Do you let a bully pummel you day after day until eventually you die? Would a liberal really turn the other cheek 100% of the time? I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for Palestine.

Israel, you have my support.

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