Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Too much B.O.

My blog has turned into too much talk about B.O. and politics so I need to change the subject.

I joined a pro-2A group and the first meeting (that I will attend) is the 25th. In the mean time I have been reading and blogging on the Right To Keep and Bear Arms website (RTKBA). It's been neat talking to others about the the passion and practicality of being wholeheartedly for the 2nd Amendment. Most of the people on the site are from other states so it's very interesting to learn how their law-makers have interpreted their right to own guns. They also have tons of stories on how guns have saved people from becoming victims.

This evening I decided that rather than listen to the politicians blow hot air around, I'd go shooting at Wade's. It was pretty empty which was fine with me. It was nice because usually when I go to the outdoor range to shoot my AR I have to shoot pretty slow. (they don't allow you to multiple load) Tonight with my Kimber and XD, I went a little faster than I normally would--but being safe about it of course. It was exhilarating. I probably put about 100 rounds through my XD and about 50 through my Kimber. I'm still a lousy shot but for the most part I managed to at least hit the paper. :)

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