Sunday, October 5, 2008

Something is wrong here

I don't like Obama. I might even hate him. But I would never brag about flipping the bird at him (and "feeling good about it"). I would never call him childish names, spread lies about him, or completely degrade him by making fun of how he looks. These are superficial distractions from the real issues: his policies, character, and plan for our future.

So why does "the party of tolerance" insist on doing those exact things to Sarah Palin, John McCain and the rest of the Republicans? TV shows are making fun of Palin, celebrities are making un-American movies perverting our nations customs and values, and now the people have been hypnotized to follow the cult of Obamunism. And yes, it is a cult. When you have children, adults, the media, and celebrities worshiping (and literally singing praise to) a man's every word and buying into all his flip-flopping lies, then you have a cult. When Bill Clinton and George Bush, Sr. can unite for a cause then you know that the man, "the one" is the leader of said political cult.

Needless to say, there is something terribly wrong with the Democrat party. Yes you read correctly; Bush Sr. and Clinton are working together. Hillary compliments Palin. Hillary supporters are turning to groups like PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) and DONE (Democrats Over Nominating Elitists) because their party has left them. The Obamunists are so far left that they have left the party and entered the party of communism. Obama will be historical not because he is (half) black, but because he will be our nations first communist president. He is the very reason our forefathers fought against England: tyrannical government rule. I now have a new respect for moderate Democrats; but a new disdain for radical liberals.

"The point is not that such [creep]behavior would become widespread under an Obama administration. The point is that many of his followers see nothing strange or disturbing about it. Which seems to very much justify labeling them a cult."

And of course as I'm writing this, I am watching my favorite show Family Guy and of course they go our of their way to make fun of Republicans. So disappointing. I am truly frightened of what our country will become. Or what will become of it.

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