Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ouch and sore

It's been a crazy last couple days fulls of jet skiing, boating, swimming, wakeboarding, and floating against the current. And my crazy cousins and I just returned from a very interesting game of bowling. Christina is making Andrea and I our winner star badges. She lost the bet and Andrea and I tied so we both get winner stars. :)

Yesterday was full of misadventures. Cousins and I thought it was be a Very Good Idea to take the three person tube and float down a few houses and ask if we can jump on their water trampoline. The wind was picking up so we had to paddle, Andrea using her arm on the right, me on the left, and Christina sliding back to kick her feet. The wind had picked up pretty good by then and kept pushing us toward the shore so after a paddling and kicking hard, we decided we'd had enough and called for our nearby relative to pull us back using the jet ski. She couldn't get the jet ski started but the neighbor heard us and hook up the tube to the boat and pulled us back. It was fun and nice to get a ride back but we didn't have life jackets on and he was driving a little crazy. But it was oh so fun!

The Torrey family came up to visit so it was nice to meet some long lost relatives. I never knew my grandmother had brothers, much less nieces and nephews. So it was a nice reunion. We even got a couple of them to play card games with us and try the hookah.

My dad and aunt have a tradition at reunions to say that their mom loves one of them more than the other but loves Robin more than the both of them combined. So we started something of a sort like that with the cousins. We decided that Shannon, Robin's daughter, was the favorite. We have been having so much fun with that! For example, Andrea brought back a wind chime from Dubai and hung it up outside. She looked at it forlornly saying that it doesn't chime. Christina replies with, "Shannon's wind chime would chime" followed by me with, "Yeah, without wind even!"

The wind has been incredible all day so the lake is very choppy. I took the jet ski out and got some major air from the waves. I love the jet ski! We are a little sore today from all the water activities.

I wish I had more time.

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