Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I must be dreaming

Yesterday as I was walking through the Obama-obsessed streets of Seattle, I had a surreal sensation that I was dreaming. No joke. I had for sure thought that I had fallen into a coma and this was the dream world I must live in while waiting to come back to reality. I thought maybe everything I was seeing and hearing was actually from a dream and once awake, I need not worry about Obama destroying our country. Maybe if I work really hard to wake myself up...

Nobody could be so stupid as to want Obama for president.

But unfortunately, I came to the realization that this is not a dream. Apparently people are that stupid.

The words of my boss echo in my mind. "I'm an Obama supporter." Why? He's done nothing legislatively to earn your support. Because he "inspires" people? Because he'd be the first black president? Because he's young? That's why people are supporting him? The man is anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-capitalist, anti-white, and was a senator for all of 9 months before running for president. How arrogant. Forget the dream, this is a nightmare.

I must be dreaming. Only in Dreamland could this happen where a whole city, nay, a whole nation is brainwashed to want the under-qualified man to rule our country. People can't really be this stupid, can they?

Maybe the libs should take off their binoculars to get a broader view of the picture.

And I keep going back to the same question of "why?"

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