Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gator tail, frog legs, and catfish

Yes, I have been on vacation. The title should give you a hint... give up? The south! I spent a week and a half in Florida, North Carolina and Texas. I even made it into Mexico for a few hours. And yes, I actually ATE gator tail, frog legs, and catfish at a restaurant called Whitey's in Florida. Oh I love the south. It's warm, slower paced, and best of all conservative. I saw only one pro-Obama bumper sticker and that was in San Antonio Texas near the Alamo. Oh I love the south.

But you'll never hear my opinion. :)

In Florida, I visited with relatives I haven't seen in over a decade. We went to St. Augustine, Silver Springs, and an outlet mall. We then made the 7 hour journey to North Carolina to visit my sister and her family. We went to the Airborne Museum but mostly puttered around the house with the kids. I parted ways and flew to San Antonio, TX where I made a three hour drive to Del Rio. I was concerned at first about the drive but you'd be surprised at how entertaining the "middle of nowhere" Texas can be. My aunt and uncle took me to Mexico for lunch and shopping. My uncle took my on a real Air Force flight simulator-- so cool!

I got back around midnight Wednesday but immediate left Thursday for another long drive this time to Moses Lake for a little family gathering. I worked all week but am leaving in a few hours for Moses Lake again.I'm exhausted!

I desperately need some sleep so I'll have to post pictures and write more later.

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