Sunday, March 30, 2008

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Rant about tax increase - March 15th

Wow is there anything Obama can’t do? I mean, the guy is magic! He can bring hope to the most powerful nation-- I mean, thank God because we are hopeless right? And change. How horrible it is to BE the most powerful nation. Yeah we really need change...

And now the magician is at it again. If president, he has a plan for redistribution of wealth. How dare you work hard, educate yourself, and EARN what you have. No no-- we need to GIVE your money to those who don’t want to accomplish the same. Have you heard of his plan for a new tax? He wants to Tax people with a combined/total income of $97,000 a year or more and ADDITIONAL 12%. Let me break down how the outcome will play out:

For example, a married couple made roughly $140,000 combine income last year. They paid a fair $20,000 in taxes. Well if you add an additional 12% in taxes, that’s almost $17,000. So they would now have to pay $37,000 in taxes. That’s most of what one of them earned last year.

Redistribution of wealth is Socialism, by the step away from Communism. Oh yeah, did you know that Obama is sponsored by the Communist Party of America? Yeah, what a guy...

Rant about Universal Healthcare- February 16th

I have been hearing a lot about Universal Healthcare and it just burns my cookies that people think that the money to pay for Universal Healthcare is going to magically appear. I had a discussion with a very established women in the sales industry yesterday. A perfectly educated, smart women complained about writing a check for $500 a month to pay for her insurance. Well if 40million people don't have healthcare, where do you think the money is going to come from? Her check for $500 will disappear but now the government will garnish her check (and all yours and mine) an additional $500 so everyone can have healthcare. (think Canada)

Universal Healthcare is not meant to ease the burden from the middle and upper class but GIVE your hard earned money to those in the lower bracket who cannot afford it. This is what welfare is for. Help those in need with state subsidized healthcare. Let focus on reforming welfare rather than introducing a NEW debt of between $250 billion to One-trillion dollars a year.

Moral of the rant is: this woman's $500 check will not go away despite popular belief. Before you vote, do your research and then open up that rusty, dusty box in your head that hold common sense.

Global Warming- May 10, 2007

Before jumping head first into the media hype of "Global Warming" here are some interesting things to think about. I found these points from the opinion page from the Seattle Times so by no means are they fact. But, it is something to think about...

1. It is entirely too egocentric to believe man is the sole cause of climate change. The sun can change temperature too. The climate constantly changes changes up and down, higher and lower.

2. Humans seek a belief in something, whether religion or a secular cause, and global warming followers are predominantly secular. This is their best effort at fulfilling an unnatural void.

3. The alarmists want to radically alter our economy for weather predictions 50 years from now, when predictions beyond five days become increasingly unreliable.

4. Plug in cars. A good idea but it will not reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Not if electric utilities have to burn more fossil fuels to cover the increased demand from the plug in vehicles.

5.The city government and the mayor are obsessed with being an eco-friendly oasis and they would sacrifice real economic progress by charging a "congestion fee" to drive in the city to put an emphasis on mass transit. BUT who are these city councilmen? Do they ride their bikes to work? Do they take the bus? If we charge a fee to go in Seattle, people would likely reduce their visits and business. Business would likely move north, south and east-- great news for Renton, Bellevue, and Everett!

6. The City leaders don't understand that you can't force or shame people into car pooling. Although it would be nice to see more people car pooling, our mass transit system is grossly inadequate and there aren't many alternatives.

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