Saturday, May 17, 2008

I just love my family

Sometimes I hear a person complain about their extended family. They have immature uncles, embarrassing aunts, smelly cousins, and obnoxious grandparents. Some people, in adulthood, even dread seeing their immediate family on holidays. But for me, I love my family so much it hurts to leave them.

Last Tuesday I got to meet some second-cousins on my father’s side. I met my great-uncle’s daughter Jodie and granddaughter Elisa who are from Maryland. A little awkward at first, as we were strangers to each other but by the end of the night I wanted to take them home with me. My brother, cousin, and now-not-a-stranger cousin Elisa sat at the “teen” table for dinner while the youngest and the oldest Babcock’s sat in the dining room. (Yes, I got stuck with the title of a teen…not like I am mature at age 23 so it didn’t bother me) It was so wonderful to joke with Elisa like we do with our Washington family and she even spoke of politics from our point of view.

After dinner we (the “teens”) played an odd game of Monopoly. This particular game was made in 1936 and has since lost a few items such as the game pieces and one property card. So we improvised. Douglas was the dagger, Christina the pistol, Elisa the candlestick and I the wrench. Yes, we raided the game of Clue. The adults thought it was hilarious and snapped several pictures of the game in progress. And, oh man, it was competitive. (sorry for your loss Christina) :)

It was a wonderful visit. Elisa and her mom are only in town for the week and it’s just not enough time. But I sure appreciate their visit. Families can be a pain, but they sure are a blessing.

And on a side note: I picked up my gun today! Yay!

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