Monday, April 28, 2008

Sick of the race card, try accountability

I am so tired of Jeremiah Wright and Barack Hussein still trying to make white people feel guilty of the slavery and discrimination that happened 200 years ago. I recognize that there was a lot of race discrimination for the next 100 years after the slaves were freed in roughly 1860 after the civil war until Dr. King spoke out in 1960. But why should *I* be treated as a racial criminal when I have never owned a slave nor discriminated against a black American (or any other race for that matter) and I was born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s when we didn't have Jim Crow laws and weren't taught to hate other races.

According to in 1860 the U.S. population was 31,443,321 (27 million white) with a black population of 4,441,830 which is 14%. According to the 2000 census the US population281,421,906 (white American population was roughly 200 million) with the black American population at 34,658,190 which is about 12%. In 1860 there was 13% of todays white population. 27 million white Americans committed a sinful, immoral act in the 1860s but 150 years later 200 million people are being punished...still.

Jeremiah Wright made a statement saying that his many speeches, which has since been made into many sound bites and played everywhere, were supposed to tell the story of white discrimination against blacks. He wants to end discrimination and segregation. But then he says, "God doesn't bless America, God damns America!" "The United States of KKK" "The white Romans killed Jesus because he was black!" well that sounds more like whitey church! My Aunt Pat, the most devout Christian I know, would NEVER stay in such a church.

ANYway, in a recent speech at the NAACP he speaks of how black church is different. That's what they do, how they are. Wait a minute-- don't you want to be some magical melting pot? Or seperate black culture? Stop with the flip-flopping! And then Barry Hussein says that he didn't hear all the sermons of Jeremiah [Spite]-- does that mean he isn't the regular church goer he claims to be? Wright says in a later interview (talking about Obama's response to Wrights sermons) that Obama is doing what politicians do while he does what preachers do. Does that mean that Obama is not being truthful because, as a politician trying to save his ass, he needs to say what the public wants to hear?

While listening to the Michael Savage show on AM 770 at 6pm (check him out!) a black man from San Fransisco called in basically saying that Obama can do no wrong. (ok, I exaggerate a little but that is the gist as I need to wrap this up) Then he proceeds to rant about how he hate how white people refer to him as a black first and American second. AAGH!! Stop with the incessant flip-flopping! He just referred to us "whites" implying that we are white first and American second-- practice what you preach.

It is beyond my comprehension that even though Barry Hussein has relationships with terrible people, the general American population has the biggest halo-effect I have ever seen for the guy. If McCain had a black-hating preacher, he'd have been long gone.

I wish people in general would stop blaming problems on their ancestors and take accountability for themselves. My female ancestors were oppressed (black men could vote AND own land before women could) but that doesn't make me bitter today.

I choose not to be a victim.

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