Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Feel Good Nation

I've discovered AM radio. I have never listened to talk radio but my parents mentioned it a few times over the past few weeks so when my ipod ran out of batteries, I tuned into 770, 710, and 1090. The three digit channels are mostly right-wing talk. 1090 is "progressive" talk. (lefty) I do have a point so bear with me. Both sides have professed hate to each other, to our presidential candidates, the president, etc. But Michael Savage made a very good point the other day: we have this mentality of "My party is better than yours" and that is very self destructive. I, too, have succumbed to "Republicans good, Liberals bad" mentality but if you think about it, it sounds like the makings of some kind of civil war. We have lost the original intention of the president which is providing defense for our country and being the guy who has the peoples interest in mind when making decisions both in and out of the country. But lately it's some kind of smear fest-- who has the better Bush joke, who can out speak whom in the democratic debate. Yes, it's dem vs. dem smear fest-- what the hell?

I digress. American people interests. Go. We are having a currency crisis and and oil crisis. And the socialist ghost of Global Warming is there but perhaps not as big as the media makes it out to be. But it is a concern more along the lines as, yes, we are wasteful but not the cause of G.W. (the sun is more powerful than man in the warming business)

Michael Savage has a few good points:

1) We get only 11% of our oil from the middle east. Perhaps Iraq can supply us more of their oil as a recognition of help by the US Troops-- a thanks to us as they thank many soldiers (but according to the disgusting wench Medea Benjamin, they are too afraid to say how they really feel, that they are ungrateful and really hate the US soldiers)

2) Make welfare recipients, who have a long history of "inability" to find a job, work the lettuce patches, pick berries, scrub toilets, etc. Those are the jobs that people say that illegal immigrants do and that America should be grateful for them since no American wants to do said jobs. But these are also the same people who say illegals are taking jobs away from Americans. get off your welfare ass and get to work! News flash! Illegal immigrants do not wake up one day and say, "my dream job is to scrub toilets in America!" but it's money and it must be done. 2 birds, 1 stone--Add jobs, delete welfare.

We have gone beyond political party. Stop with the feel-good notions and lets get back to the basics: our constitution. Our nation was founded on Capitalism and now we punish those who work hard for their money. (socialism doesn't work!) We are ungrateful for those who protect our freedoms by fighting overseas. Without them, we'd be trampled by our enemies and made slaves to their religion/culture.

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