Friday, September 4, 2009

Counter Protest

I went to counter-protest socialized Obamacare and it was pretty horrible. Not only was the opposition mean, violent and downright crazy, but Jim McDermott was blasphemous. He had the gall to use Jesus Christ as part of his agenda by saying things like Jesus helped the sick without profit, yadda yadda. It made me sick to my stomach because majority of Liberals (not all, mind you) don't even believe in Jesus Christ. It's sick to use religion as a political ploy. If George Bush or any Republican politician used Christianity, they'd be all but stoned to death by liberals.

Jesus healed the sick without government force. He did charity on his own without expecting to be repaid and without stealing from the good people of the community.

Does anyone else feel like they need to apologize to God on McDermott's behalf? Is anyone else embarrassed but such statements? Forgive them, Lord, for they do not know any better.

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FDD said...

Whoa, "majority of Liberals (not all, mind you) don't even believe in Jesus Christ." ??
I realize that's your opinion, but you present as though it's a fact.
This is a majority Christian nation, by far, but you really believe that somehow the majority of "liberals" are not also?
That's as bad as the liberal loons who say most conservatives don't care if people live or die because they oppose social programs.