Saturday, August 15, 2009

Monkeys are racists


Race issues are a tired subject. Get over it already. This is just beyond silly and the black people are reaching. Waaaah. Such victims. It's people like this who whine about race issues that are making their own race look bad--they don't need any help from white folks!

Anyway, this article had me half laughing in disbelief because a toy company made dolls of three races (white, black, hispanic) to be cuddling with a stuffed animal. One theme was Panda and another was Monkey. Black people are outraged that a black doll is cuddling with a monkey.

Sometimes a monkey is just a monkey.

The dolls are like the ones below except holding a monkey. Video on the article.

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FDD said...

OK, you do have a point here.
But since you are obviously not black, and maybe your black friends have not told you this, I'll try to give you a little perspective: Blacks have, and still are, referred to as "porch monkies, jungle bunnies, apes," etc.
I don't excuse their overreaction to toys or other situations where the intent is harmless, but I do understand the sensitivity.
Ever seen those "peckerwood" do-dads?