Sunday, June 14, 2009

Liberal domain

I've been thinking about liberals. You may have noticed that the libtards have taken over the beautiful cities that generate a lot of the areas wealth. For example, Seattle is home to Boeing, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Amazon, and where Starbucks, Seattles Best Coffee and Tully's are founded/based. We also have huge hospitals including the best damn burn center in the coutry and of course the ports. Also, Seattle has a ridiculous amount of liberals.

I'm sick of this area and often for fun will read about other cities that's be fun to live in or near. a trend I see is that all cities that have a booming industry and beautiful geography have been overtaken by the libtards. Which leads me to believe that liberals are selfish. They want to live in beautiful mountains (Colorado, Seattle, California, Oregon) and beaches (the left and right coasts). Notice how they grab up all the jobs in said cities but piss and moan that there is too much commercialization, too much money juxtaposed with too many homeless people. They have an abundant amount of food but complain about cow farts and sheep burps harming the environment.

They are out of touch.

This group takes all the high paying jobs because they are more willing to slit throats to get to the top. When you have a city of money then of course lazy and homeless people are going to come around and beg-- free money! And when you take your steak for granted, you don't think of the farmers who are doing back-breaking work in a countryside (that no liberal will set foot on) so they can make a living to feed their families. If you care so much about cow farts hurting than the environment then you hav your values mixed up. Cap and T(raid) will hurt the farmers and then you'll have even more homeless people.

Liberals live the good life with green trees, mountains and lakes. They take cushy office jobs during the day and take their bikes out for a ride after work. They eat food without any regard as to how it came to them. They get fancy healthcare through their work and feel guilty about it so they demand that everyone should get "free" healthcare. (anything free from the gov't is never free) They think they represent the country. They couldn't be more wrong.

On a healthcare side-note, the liberals are saying that queer marriage and socialized healthcare are "basic human rights." Let me tell you a little something about human rights. Human rights are endowed by our creator whether you are normal and believe that God is our creator, or if you are a nut-job who thinks the universe farted and created earth which then created humans out of nowhere. Either way, you were created. Basic human rights are necessities like food, water, shelter and clothing. We are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Don't let anyone tell you that government gave you those rights-- God (or your creator of choice) gave you those rights. Government does not grant rights.

Government does not grant rights.

One more time. Government does not grant rights.

God granted people life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and the constitution does not that government is allowing that but stating that those things are our rights and the government may never take them away. Ever.

Healthcare and queer marriage are not rights. If you really want to do something about them then take a vote but don't you dare say that the services of another human being (healthcare) or immoral acts of human beings (queers) are rights. They aren't

That's my ramble.

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